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Can I apply for a mortgage if I am here on a visa?
Can I apply for a mortgage if I am here on a visa?

We may be able to accept a visa, please reach out to us.

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We may consider the following Visa’s where the following criteria is met:

Our appropriate Visa’s are:

  • Skilled Worker (previously known as Tier 2)

  • Health & Care Worker

  • Senior or Specialist Worker

  • International Sportsperson

  • Ancestry Visa

  • Spousal Visa (5 or 10 route) & Partner Visa *Where applying in joint names

    Our criteria is:

  • At least one borrower on the application must have permanent right to reside in the UK

  • Your credit profile (credit search information) must show a minimum of 2 years residency in the UK

  • The Loan to Value (LTV) on your application is no more than 80%

  • The total income on the application must equal or be more than £100.000

    Gen H will require government issued documentation to evidence your VISA and/or residential status.

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