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Can you have more than one mortgage in principle (MIP)?
Can you have more than one mortgage in principle (MIP)?

Yes, you can have more than one MIP. Although it would be easier to update your details on your existing dashboard. Read to find out how.

Written by April Stephenson
Updated over a week ago

The best way to do this would be to complete our affordability calculator here and progress to the dashboard. Once you have done so, you will be able to complete a mortgage in principle.

From here, if you wish to amend any details, you can do so via your dashboard and this will update your mortgage in principle results.

To edit the applicants on your mortgage in principle, you can go to the dashboard home page and then edit your buying group in the top right hand corner.

To edit your deposit, you can click "edit" at the top and make edits to your deposit amount.

The mortgage in principle shown in your dashboard will update with the information you enter.

Click here to log into your dashboard.

If you didn’t want to amend the existing information, then you can create a new profile on the dashboard by using a different email address to start the process again.

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