This many not be something you’ve considered, but it’s important if you’re buying with others.

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Joint tenants

With joint tenancy, all owners have equal rights to the whole property.

This means that in the event of the death of one owner, the property is automatically assigned to the surviving owner. You cannot pass on your ownership stake in your will.

Joint tenants are sometimes called beneficial joint tenants.

Tenants in Common

As tenants in common, you can own different shares of the property.

In the event of the death of one owner, their share passes to their own estate.
The property doesn’t automatically go to the other owners.

Have you considered the Generation Home Agreement?

If you like the idea of having individual shares in the property (tenants in common), Generation Home offers a unique feature.

Your individual shares in the property can reflect your individual contributions towards the deposit and mortgage repayments.

This means that if you buy a home with your partner (or sibling or friend), you can track who pays what and, therefore, who owns what.

We provide the legal and accounting structure for free to our customers.

Speak with your solicitor or a member of the Generation Home team to learn more.

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