Your conveyancing service fee covers set up, searches, legal fees, land registry registration, and bank transfers.

We’ve bundled the various fees into a single up-front invoice, but please note that portions of the fee are refundable at different stages:

  • 100% is payable upfront

  • £399 is drawn down when we set your case up with Juno Legal and they order your property searches

  • The remaining balance is drawn down at completion

If your first purchase attempt fails to exchange then we retain £399.

You can either get a refund on the balance or a credit of the full amount (including the £399) against your second purchase attempt.

In a little more detail

Sale/Purchase Price

Dual Rep

Sep Rep

£0.00 - £1m

£1,250 inc VAT

£400 inc VAT

£1m - £1.5m

£2,160 inc VAT

£400 inc VAT

£1.5m - £5m

£3,600 inc VAT

£400 inc VAT

Additional Fees


Unregistered land

£600 inc VAT


£250 inc VAT

New Build

£500 inc VAT

Help to Buy

£100 inc VAT

New Lease

£250 inc VAT

Remo Dual Rep

Remo Sep Rep

£360 inc VAT

£400 inc VAT

The fees above includes the following:

  • Local Authority Search, Water and Drainage Search, Environmental Search and Chancel Repair Liability Policy.

  • Legal work

  • Bank transfer costs

  • Land Registry Registration fee

  • Bankruptcy Search

  • Land Registry Priority Search

The following are not covered in the service fee:

  • Notice fee on leasehold property or on freehold where there are managed estates

  • Deed of Covenant fee

  • Licence to Assign fee

  • Share Certificate/Membership Certificate fee

  • Certificate of Compliance for Land Registry restriction

  • Additional searches which are not covered in the search pack

  • Indemnity Policies

What happens if the second or subsequent transaction falls through?

If the second or subsequent sale, purchase or remortgage falls through, the customer will need to pay for the work completed by Juno up to that point.

The table below breaks down the basis on which this will be charged.


Percentage Charged

Case setup and ID checks completed on your sale or remortgage


Case setup, searches ordered and ID checks completed on your purchase


Some work done on enquiries on a sale or purchase


Mortgage offer received on a remortgage


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