Full furlough

If you are currently on full furlough, we will not take your income into account as part of the affordability calculation.

Part furlough

If you are on part furlough and do not have a formal date for returning to full-time employment, we will only consider employed income (averaged over the last two to three months).

Part furlough with a return to work date

If you are on part furlough but you have a confirmed return to work date, then your full income can be considered.

We would need a letter from your employer confirming the following:

  • Date of return to work

  • Revised Salary

  • Confirmation that you will not be put back onto the furlough scheme

We would also require a copy of the first payslip received upon returning to full income (this can be conditioned).

If you have found your income impacted by COVID-19, here is some further information on how to get mortgage ready.

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