The size and composition of your buying group will impact the minimum income requirements.

Single applicant

If you're applying as a sole owner, you must earn at least £18,000.

Joint applicants

If you're buying with others, you must have a minimum combined income of £20,000 and one of you must earn at least £15,000.

Income Boosters

There is no formal minimum income for Income Boosters, but each case is subject to affordability checks.

For example, an Income Booster with £18,000 annual income and no mortgage debt may have more disposable income when compared to an Income Booster with £20,000 income and £7,200 of annual mortgage payments.

Please note that our Mortgage in Principle currently states that the minimum income for an Income Booster is £20,000. Please select that their income is above £20,000 and input their income, whether this is above or below £20,000.

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