We do appreciate that there is an additional cost if you wish to go down the route of separate representation. Separate representation is when the lender (Generation Home in this case) and the customer (you in this case) are represented by different conveyancing solicitors.

This is a familiar structure within the mortgage lending industry when a customer’s chosen conveyancer is not on the mortgage lender’s approved panel.

The reason that mortgage lenders use a panel structure is that they need to be assured of the conveyancer's professional experience, the firm’s corporate and management structure, the firm's reputation and their service standards.

Why doesn't Generation Home have a panel of conveyancing solicitors?

We do wish to open up our conveyancing panel in the future so that any conveyancing firm may apply to work for and on behalf of us and our customers.

But at present we are a small mortgage lender and do not have the capacity to manage a panel of conveyancers.

Why is Juno your panel conveyancer?

We have partnered with Juno Legal as our panel conveyancing firm as we believe the service they provide is clear, straightforward and customer-focused. Their conveyancers work in teams so there is always someone on hand to keep the conveyancing matters moving, should a conveyancer take unplanned leave or annual leave.

They are also highly data-driven, prioritising and allocating work to their conveyancers in line with real-time monitoring of service levels. In addition, we have a service level agreement in place and regularly check in to ensure this is being adhered to.

How did Juno become Generation Home's panel conveyancer?

To become our panel conveyancer, Juno also completed our internal fraud and regulatory checks.

This means that we are comfortable sending your mortgage funds to Juno on completion, safe in the knowledge that they will be directed to the seller’s conveyancer only after rigorous checks on the conveyancer have been completed.

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