What happens if I die?

If the worst happens, what happens to your mortgage?

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As you’re taking out your mortgage, you may wonder what will happen should the worst happen. This guide will take you through the process, should you or someone else on the mortgage pass away.

Mortgage in a Sole Name

What happens

We’ll cancel any direct debits paying the mortgage. We don’t expect the monthly payments to be made at this time, this means the mortgage will fall into arrears. We are required by the Financial Conduct Authority to write and confirm this. No action needs to be taken when these letters are received.

Making payments

Mortgage payments will remain due. However, we don’t expect them to be paid for a period of time from the date the person has died to allow time to get probate. Please note, that the amount owed will increase. If the executor still wishes to still make mortgage payments while probate is obtained, this can be arranged.

Mortgage options

Once probate is in place, the executor will have the option to pay the mortgage off.

Mortgage in Joint Names

What happens

The monthly payments will continue if the mortgage is held in joint names. If the person left on the account needs to change or discuss the monthly payments, speak to one of our Mortgage Advisors. Usually, the mortgage will transfer to the name of the remaining owner. Sometimes this is more complicated, if so, we’ll advise you on the next steps.

Making payments

Mortgage payments remain due, but we appreciate some people find it hard to keep payments up to date while trying to look after the estate. If payments aren’t made, the account will fall into arrears and the amount owed will increase. This could affect your credit rating. We’ll let you know if your account is in arrears.

If you’re struggling to pay it’s really important you speak to one of our Mortgage Advisors.

Mortgage options

You have the option to pay the mortgage off or you may wish to take out a new mortgage. You can speak to one of our Mortgage Advisors to find out more.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the team via email or live chat.

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