Where an applicant is a Foreign National, Generation Home will check that the applicant is entitled to live and work in the UK (i.e., they must have indefinite leave to remain in the UK).

Generation Home defines UK Residency as an individual who is registered for and pays UK tax. They must have one of the following:

  • UK Citizenship

  • EU settled or pre-settled status

  • Indefinite Leave to Remain or

  • UK Spousal Visa

Indefinite leave to remain in the UK must be evidenced by a stamp in the applicant’s passport or an indefinite right to remain card.

Generation Home may require a Home Office letter as confirmation if it is unable to verify the stamp in the passport.

Generation Home will also require evidence of EU Settled or Pre-Settled status – this will typically be achieved by a formal letter from the Home Office or using the appropriate Home Office URL and code.

Applicants who are applying on a UK Spousal Visa will be required to show the appropriate documentation and have been living in the UK for at least three years (address history verified). We do not require those on a Spousal Visa to have been granted indefinite leave to remain at the time of application.

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