What is a valuation?

A valuation is an assessment of your property's value.

It is used to make sure that the property value is the same as what you're prepared to pay for it.

We use Connell's for all valuations, and we cover the cost of your first basic valuation.

What is a revaluation?

A revaluation is where you need to have the same property valued again.

A revaluation may happen for a number of reasons.

  • The valuation has expired (valuations are valid for 180 days)

  • You have raised a successful valuation appeal with Connells - Read more about this here.

  • The property has had major works completed since the last valuation.

How much does a revaluation cost?

The cost will vary depending on the value of the house, however, your mortgage advisor will be able to tell you this cost.

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