Can my Income Booster be retired?

Yes, your income booster could be retired, but you would need to factor in the below information.

What is the maximum age an Income Booster can be?

We lend to the owner's 85th birthday and can often lend past your income booster's 85th birthday. You can find more information about Ejector seats in this video.

Our minimum mortgage term is 5 years.

What income can you accept for a retired Income Booster?

We can accept the following income types for retired income boosters:

  • Pension income (including state pension, private pension and SIPP)

  • Investment Income

  • Rental income

With all income types, we would need to see evidence of this income, through documentation.

It's best to check with the team if you're unsure. You can chat with us over email or live chat.

You can read more about income boosters here.

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