What is an occupancy waiver?

An occupancy waiver is something that anyone aged 17 or over, who plans on living in the property, but is not on the mortgage application will need to sign.

Why does this need to be signed?

We ask that everyone aged over 17, not on the mortgage application, but will be living in the property to sign this to confirm that they understand their rights surrounding the property.

Does this mean I can rent my property out?

No, you would still need to live in the property for the duration of your mortgage and will not be able to rent out any part of the property to a third party.

Do I need to take independent legal advice before signing the waiver?

We recommend that anyone signing the occupancy waiver takes independent legal advice.

It is up to the person signing to organise their own independent legal advice.

Who can witness my signature for the occupancy waiver?

The witness can be anyone who fits all of the below requirements:

  • Over 18 years of age

  • Of sound mind

  • Not related to you

  • Not an owner of the property you will be living in

  • Not an income booster or deposit booster on the mortgage application

  • Does not live at the same current address as you

If you have any questions about this, please speak to us on live chat (see the red circle on the bottom right of the screen).

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