What is dual representation?

What does this mean and how does it differ from separate representation?

Written by Tanisha Anand
Updated over a week ago

Purchasing property or land differs from any other purchase as it involves a different legal process. As this is a legal matter, it is required for a conveyancer to be involved.

During the process, you will require a conveyancer to act on your behalf and to complete the relevant legal checks.

As a lender, we also require a conveyancer to act on our behalf. We will use the same conveyancer as you, who will complete the legal work required for our purposes, as well as your own. This is called dual representation, as we are both being represented by the same conveyancer. This is often the fastest and most cost-effective method, as opposed to separate representation where we would have different conveyancers representing us.

In order to act on our behalf, we would require that the conveyancer used meets our requirements and is a member of our conveyancing panel. You can view our conveyancing panel here.

Gen H is committed to ensuring you the best experience possible and for these reasons, we are not able to proceed on a separate representation basis.

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