In order for a solicitor firm to join our panel, they are required to meet the following:

  • They must have 2 or more Partners / Members / Directors / Business Owners at the firm

  • Minimum of £2,000,000 PII cover

  • 1 or more Lawyers must have minimum of 10 years Conveyancing experience

  • CQS Accreditation (for SRA regulated firms). If not SRA regulated, they must be CLC regulated

  • Firms registered in England and Wales

They will need to apply to join our panel via the Lender Exchange portal. You can find the list of conveyancers currently on our panel here.

How to check the number of SRA Approved Managers

  1. Select " Find a Solicitor" and "Pro Search"

  2. Input the firm name or location and select the area of practice as "Conveyancing- Residential". This will bring up a list of firms that match these criteria. Under each firm, you can find their details and any accreditations they have received.

  3. Select "People, offices and structure". Here you can see the number of SRA-approved managers within the whole firm and within that office. We require they have at least 2 SRA-approved managers within the specific office you wish to instruct.

How to check the number of CLC Approved managers

  1. Select "Find a CLC lawyer" and search by name, firm name, or location.

  2. Here you can find the details of how many CLC Approved Managers there are.

Once you have found a firm that meets our criteria, you can contact them to discuss quotes. If you are wanting to instruct them, they will need to apply to join our panel via the Lender Exchange portal.

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