When all joint borrowers: owners and income boosters on the mortgage have agreed to accept the rate, it is applied to your account to take effect when your current fixed rate expires.

An Early Repayment Charge (ERC) may be payable if you switch your mortgage rate before your current fixed rate period expires.

We will give you a 10-day reflection period from when all parties accept the offer. You don’t have to take any action within this time if you want to proceed with your mortgage offer. If the agreed start date of your new mortgage rate is before the 10 days expire, we will take this as confirmation that you have waived your reflection period for this offer.

Once the 10-day reflection period has expired, your rate is secured and if the interest rate goes up or down, your rate will remain fixed for the period fixed.

If you decide to switch your rate once your rate has been fixed, an early repayment charge will be payable.

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