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I'm a deposit booster. What should I ask my independent legal advice (ILA) lawyer?
I'm a deposit booster. What should I ask my independent legal advice (ILA) lawyer?

These questions will help you make the most of your ILA appointment.

Written by Megan
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We require you to get Independent legal advice (ILA) before you sign your deposit booster agreement.

This is because becoming an deposit booster will have implications that are unique and personal to you, and it's important that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Getting this information from a qualified, impartial third party means you can ask all of the tough questions and know you're getting unbiased answers.

Before your appointment, we'll send your ILA lawyer all of the documents you'll need advice on, including your home agreement, mortgage offer and mortgage Terms & Conditions.

You can use these questions during your ILA appointment to help make sure you're getting the most of your advice.

Questions to ask in your deposit booster ILA appointment

  1. What if I have a disagreement with the legal owners and want to be repaid immediately?

  2. What if I want to gift all or part of my boost in the future?

  3. What if the legal owner stops paying the mortgage?

  4. How do I stop being a deposit booster?

  5. What happens if I die, or if the legal owners die?

  6. What rights do I have over the property?

  7. Can the legal owners sell without my consent?

  8. Can the legal owners remortgage without my consent?

  9. What happens if the owners can repay me but choose not to?

  10. Is it my choice when I get repaid?

  11. What happens if I need my money back sooner than I thought I would?

  12. How do I check the updated value of my equity loan?

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