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Are you struggling with your mortgage payments?
Are you struggling with your mortgage payments?

Support if you're having trouble making your mortgage payments.

Written by Ashley Currie
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We understand it can be challenging when your mortgage becomes difficult to
pay. The sooner your contact us, the more likely it is that a manageable solution
can be found to avoid more serious debt problems.

โ€‹Contact us

If you are experiencing difficulties paying your mortgage, please reach out to our
specially trained staff who are on hand to run through the options available to
you. You can contact us by email, live chat or by calling 0330 808 1791.

Visit our money worries page for more details on:

  • How we can help.

  • Organisations who can help with debt and specialist advice

  • Details of organisations who can support you with your finances and helpful
    resources can be found on our money worries page.

Please note, if you would like to make changes to your payments or payment date, we require 5 working days notice.


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