There are a number of things to consider when viewing a property, have a look at our list below for a few things to check:

  • What type of property is it, a freehold, leasehold or something else? Keep in mind, leasehold properties might come with extra charges like ground rent or service charges - best to check with the estate agent.

  • What condition is the property in? Open and close windows, open cupboard doors and doors to rooms to see the quality of the interior. Check to see if there are any cracks in any of the walls. Don't be afraid to look behind and under things.

  • How noisy is the area? Check if you can hear any traffic from inside the property

  • Commute times to work and schools

  • Proximity to amenities for example shops, motorways, pubs, restaurants, parks or anything else you wanted to be near

  • Parking- does it have enough to meet your needs?

There are many things to consider and no two customers will have the exact same wants and needs when buying a home.

Check out the Home Owner's alliance guide here for further information.

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