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What can I use for my deposit?
What can I use for my deposit?

We accept a number of different deposit sources. Here is our list of acceptable sources.

Written by Tanisha Anand
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Some of the deposit sources we accept are:

  • Savings

  • ISA funds, for example a Lifetime ISA

  • Gifted deposits from close family members (parents (including step-parents), children (including step-children), grandparents, siblings (including half-siblings and step-siblings), uncles and aunts (Siblings of parents only).)

  • A loan from a friend or family member using our deposit booster product

  • Sale of a property

  • Sale of shares

  • Inheritance

  • Sale of crypto currency- If you are using this as the source, please check with your solicitor that they are happy to consider this source. We will also need to see these funds in your bank account before application.

Remember that your conveyancing solicitor will also check your deposit funds. They need to verify both the amount you have for the deposit and the source of these funds. You can read more here.

It is worth noting we are unable to accept funds coming from a loan you have taken out.

(You can also find more details here on what other information is needed from a deposit booster.)

If you are unsure of whether your source of funds is acceptable, email us or speak to us on live chat.


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