Yes! It’s a condition of most mortgage applications that a warranty must be in place if you’re buying a newly built home.

At Generation Home, we need to verify your warranty before completion so ask for this documentation as soon as possible from your developer!

Which warranties do Generation Home accept?

We accept the following warranties for building less than 10 years old.

  • Building Council Buildmark Scheme (NHBC)

  • Zurich Municipal Newbuild Scheme

  • Zurich Municipal Rebuild Scheme

  • Premier Guarantee for Private and Completed Housing

  • Building Life Plans Scheme

  • Buildzone

  • LABC Warranty

  • LABC Warranty Scheme

  • CRL Warranty Scheme

  • ICW Warranty Scheme

If the property you're looking at has a warranty in place that is not listed above, please share this with your mortgage advisor for referral.

Will I need home insurance too?

Yes. We require you to have home insurance in place. The new home warranty only covers problems that are the builder’s fault.

If your home floods or is damaged in a fire, for example, you won’t be covered.

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