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Is getting a mortgage when self-employed possible?
Is getting a mortgage when self-employed possible?

Getting a mortgage when you're self-employed is possible! We consider mortgages for self-employed buyers with 2 year of accounts. Read more.

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Yes, you can buy with Gen H if you're self-employed.

We will need to see your self-employed finances over the past 2 years. We cannot consider businesses that are not profitable.

Would I be considered self-employed?

You’ll be considered self-employed if you are currently:

  • Acting as a director of a limited company with a current shareholding of 20% or more.

  • A freelancer.

  • A contractor (If this is through a limited company).

  • A partner in a partnership.

  • A sole trader.

As a self-employed applicant, you will generally fit into one of these two categories:

  • Sole Trader

  • Limited Company

What documents will I need to provide?

We will need to see the following documents:

Tax calculations and Tax Year Overview (SA302). These show your earnings and the tax you have paid to HMRC. You will receive these when you fill in your self-assessment tax return. You can also download these from HMRC here. The documents must cover the previous two years and we will need three months of business bank statements to aid your application.

Salary & dividend payments. If you are a director and own 50% or more of a limited company, we will take your salary & net profit into consideration. If you own less than 50% then we will need to see your salary & dividend payments. If you take out more dividends than your annual profits, we can't count that. In those situations, we'll use the smaller amount.

Could you take my other income into account?

If you receive income from another job, we can take this into consideration. For temporary contracts, we will need to see 12 months of consistent employment and earnings.

How to obtain your HMRC Tax Calculations and Tax Year Overviews?

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