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How to raise a valuation appeal

To raise a valuation appeal, the surveyor will need some further information on 3 recently sold properties.

Written by John Cullen
Updated over a week ago

Please note appeals will only be considered where;

  • There is a difference of £10,000 or more between the valuation (Market Value) and the estimated value (Purchase price) AND

  • There is a material impact on the application; product and/or loan amount

To raise a valuation appeal, the surveyor will need the following information on at least 3 recently sold properties:

  • The full addresses and postcodes of the sold properties

  • Dates of sale for the 3 properties (these properties must have been sold within 6 months of the inspection date)

  • Price for which the comparable properties sold

  • Location (must be within a 1-mile radius of the security property)

  • Size and type. The properties must be of similar size, please specify how many bedrooms and whether it is semi-detached/detached/terraced etc.

Our appeals template can be obtained by reaching out to us via live chat.

Please note:

  • An estate agent's valuation is not acceptable

  • Once completed please email your valuation appeals form to us

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