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Does Gen H lend to students?
Does Gen H lend to students?

Unfortunately, we do not lend to most full-time students.

Written by John Cullen
Updated over a week ago

I work while studying, am I eligible for a mortgage?

If you are in full-time education, you are classed as a full-time student. (Even if you're working alongside your studies).

I receive money from bursaries, student loans & grants, can this be considered as income?

Unfortunately, we would not accept the above forms of student finance as eligible income.

What if my parents cover the mortgage payments until I finish my studies?

If you're the homeowner, you are liable for the mortgage and would therefore need to be an eligible borrower.

I am currently on paid work experience for one year as part of my undergraduate degree, am I eligible?

As a responsible lender, we would need to understand your future income. If your immediate plans are to return to your studies then, unfortunately, we would not be able to lend to you.

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