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Do you lend on properties with cladding?
Do you lend on properties with cladding?

We will require a mortgage valuation to take place to confirm if we could lend on the property.

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Cladding can be added to a building to provide insulation, weatherproofing, or for aesthetic reasons. It is commonly found on high-rise tower blocks.

What is Gen H's stance on cladding?

Our valuers complete a mortgage valuation on our behalf as part of the application process.

We will be guided by what the valuer has to say in regards to the property's construction and condition.

The valuer will assess the type, quantity, and location of the cladding. They may need to see an EWS1 form before they can provide us with a mortgage valuation. Properties with A3 or B2 ratings will not be accepted.

It can take time for the seller to provide the EWS1 form, if you are aware of cladding at the time of application submission, you should speak to the developer or seller to confirm whether an EWS1 is available to not cause any delays.

More information on the EWS1 form can be found here.

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