Cladding can be added to a building to provide insulation, weatherproofing, or for aesthetic reasons. It is commonly found on high-rise tower blocks.

What is Generation Home's stance on cladding?

Connells Surveyors complete a mortgage valuation on our behalf as part of the application process.

This is to ensure that the property is worth the seller's asking price. We will be guided by what the valuer has to say in regards the property's construction and condition.

The valuer will assess the type, quantity, and location of the cladding. They may need to see an EWS1 form before they can provide us with a mortgage valuation.

The property I am interested in is a new build. Does this change your stance on cladding?

No matter the age of the property we will require a mortgage valuation to be completed. While it's less likely for new builds to contain unsafe cladding, this will still be checked by the valuer.

More information on the EWS1 form can be found here.

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