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Your Mortgage After Completion
What happens after completion?
What happens after completion?

Payments, overpayments and how to contact us!

Written by Tanisha Anand
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When will we be in touch?

Once you've completed on your mortgage and own your new home, we will send you an email to confirm all of the details of your new mortgage. This will be sent to all owners, as well as any boosters.

From then, we will be in touch annually with an updated statement on the progress of your mortgage. We will also contact you with any important details or updates you need to be aware of.

How can I track my payments?

You are able to keep track of your Gen H mortgage via your dashboard. This will help you keep an eye on who has paid what and to see the breakdown of your dynamic stakes in the property.

When will my first mortgage payment come out?

Your first payment falls on the same day as your chosen monthly payment date.

You can choose your first payment date to be up to one month after your completion day (the day the property becomes yours, legally). The chosen date will need to be from the 1st-28th of the month.

For example, if you complete on 12 September, you will need to select a payment date between 13 September and 12 October.

Can I make overpayments? How do I do this?

You can overpay up to 10% of your loan balance (the balance when your current fixed initial interest rate started) without incurring Early Repayment Charges. Above this amount, early repayment charges will be payable. You can request to make overpayments via your Gen H dashboard. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or via live chat too.

Income Booster Contributions- How is this managed?

You can track and manage the contributions of your income boosters via your Gen H dashboard. Watch our new Home Agreement video to learn about how we manage our mortgage payments, to help you have flexibility and control over your options.

Repaying a Deposit Booster

If you would like to pay back a deposit booster, either in part or in full, please contact us via email. We will check to ensure we have your booster's bank details. Once these are in place, we will send you a link so you can make your payment. Once your payment is processed, you will receive an email to confirm your payment was successfully made.

We will transfer this to your booster and update the dashboard to show the updated loan balance. Once the booster has been fully repaid, we will remove them from your dashboard view.

What happens when my fixed rate is coming to an end?

We will get in touch with you before your fixed-rate period is comes to an end. This is because we want you to be on the best interest rate for your circumstances. We will alert you in enough time to discuss what your best options are and to help you with the next steps.

How can I contact you post-completion?

If you have any questions, reach out to us via email or live chat. If you experience any difficulties paying your mortgage, please reach out to us. You can find some helpful resources on our Customer Care page.

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