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Can I get a mortgage as a CIS Subcontractor?
Can I get a mortgage as a CIS Subcontractor?

Yes, CIS Subcontractor income is something we can consider.

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CIS Subcontractor income can be considered if you have more than 12 months of continuous employment in the same line of work. This can be from two different companies and can be against previous or future guaranteed contracts.

We will require;

  • 2 months payslips/invoices

  • Latest years SA302 (tax calculation) & tax year overview

  • Current contract or latest annual invoice schedule

There must also be a minimum of 3 months remaining on your contract.

What income figure should I input on my application?

An average of the last 2 month’s CIS payments should be declared. So if you received £1,000 for one month and £2,000 for the second month, this would be an average of £1,500 per month. The system will ask for an annual figure, so now you have your average monthly amount. Times that by 12 to give you your annual income figure. Using the £1,500 per month worked out above, would give an annual income of £18,000.

Month 1 - £1,000 + Month 2 - £2,000 = £3,000 divide by 2 = £1,500 x 12 months = £18,000

Please add this to your application as employed income.

Send us a message on live chat or email us if you want to speak to a member of our team.

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