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Completing on a Gen H mortgage.
Completing on a Gen H mortgage.
Written by Tanisha Anand
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Once the solicitors have completed their checks, they will contact you and the seller to discuss a completion date.

Once a completion date has been agreed upon, the conveyancer will need to submit a form to us called the Certificate of Title. This form confirms to us that the conveyancer is ready to request the mortgage funds for completion.

It is important to note we require 5 full working days’ notice for completion. This means your conveyancer will need to submit the certificate of title at least 5 working days ahead of when you are wanting to complete.

The day before completion, Gen H will release the funds to the solicitors. This along with the deposit you would have provided them will be sent to the seller's solicitor on the day of completion. Once the sellers have received the funds, the transaction will be complete and you will be able to go and collect the keys.

You can find our helpful guide on what to do leading up to and after completion here.

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