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Getting a mortgage on a flat roof property
Getting a mortgage on a flat roof property

Can you get a mortgage on a flat roof property? Yes, depending on the valuation. Learn more about getting a mortgage on a flat roof home.

Written by John Cullen
Updated over a week ago

Yes, you can get a mortgage on a property with a flat roof. But a great deal hinges on the in-person inspection of the property.

As a lender, we depend on the mortgage valuation to determine if we can lend on a property.

A Surveyor visits the property and assesses its construction, location and condition –checking for problems that would prevent us from lending.

How do I know if the roof is flat?

It's incredibly hard to tell if a roof is actually flat from photographs. And most modern developments have a slight slope or sophisticated drainage systems.

Valuers are able to recognise buildings that would pose a problem almost immediately and will make their concerns clear in their valuation report.

If a property has a flat roof, but the construction, condition, and location look good, they'll let us know!

What are the (potential) problems with a flat roof?

Some problems that can be flagged with flat roofs include:

  • Water pooling which can lead to leaks, moss, and algae growth

  • Debris can gather and block drainage

  • Cracks and bubbles which can lead to leaks

  • Poor insulation leading to heat loss

Keep in mind that a damaged flat roof can be more expensive to repair than a pitched one.

As a buyer, keep potential maintenance and repair costs in mind when selecting a property.

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