I want to run my business from home, can you help?

Potentially. If you have a job where you work some of the time in the office, and some of the time at home, then we can accept this. However, if you operate a business from your home, this can affect our ability to lend to you.

I want to convert part of my property into a commercial space

If you wanted to turn any part of the property into a commercial space, for example, your own hair studio, then we couldn't provide a mortgage to you. This is because it can affect the ability to re-sell a property where there are commercial elements present.

It can also be difficult to obtain insurance for properties that are partly used for commercial reasons.

Generation Home are unable to lend on any fully commercial properties.

To see if we could potentially lend to you (subject to a mortgage in principle and full application), you can complete our Generation Home affordability calculator here.

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