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I run a home business, can I apply?
I run a home business, can I apply?

Looking for a bigger office to work from home in?

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I want to run my business from home, can you help?

Potentially. If you have a job where you work some of the time in the office, and some of the time at home, then we can accept this. However, if you operate a business from your home, this can affect our ability to lend to you.

I want to convert part of my property into a commercial space

If you wanted to turn any part of the property into a commercial space, for example, your own hair studio, then we couldn't provide a mortgage to you. This is because it can affect the ability to re-sell a property where there are commercial elements present.

It can also be difficult to obtain insurance for properties that are partly used for commercial reasons.

Gen H are unable to lend on any fully commercial properties.

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